Select a Remodeler

Employ a contractor with an established business in your local area. Local firms can be checked through past customers. As tax-paying members of your local community, they are compelled to perform satisfactory work for local homeowners in order for their business to survive. Always be sure that you do business with a company properly licensed to work in your area.

Look for a local member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). The NARI logo is the mark of a professional.

Check the remodeling contractor with the local Office of Consumer Affairs to see if there is an adverse record or file.

Ask for local homeowner references and follow-up on them. Call the references; ask if they were satisfied with all aspects of the contractor’s performance. Ask to see the finished projects.

When interviewing the contractors for your project, do not blindly accept the lowest estimate. Ask the contractor why his price is higher or lower than another. Are all contractors planning to build the same project? Have all the contractors considered all the details necessary for your project’s success? Often times, a higher price may be worth the cost of better materials and service. REMEMBER that your remodeling dollars spent represent a permanent investment in the home you will spend countless hours in.

Choose a company with which you feel at ease and one that is well-matched to the scope and complexity of your particular project.